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Chris' Chrysalis

UPDATE__26 August 2005

The past months have been full of all sorts of rewards and surprises.
I've finally found my paternal birth family.
According to Genetic Testing Laboratory in Las Cruces, NM I am related to Ralph Tompkins and that fact proven with the help of his daughters (MY SISTERS!) through a siblingship DNA test!
Heartwarming and satisfying as this is .. new twists have arisen that must be dealt with before I can pursue my aim of building a complete family tree.

Exploration of who we are can now begin. It surely looks like interesing times ahead.

* December, 2002 Mikovskys in Florida
* November, 2002 Pix Gonzales Family - Houston, TX
* Pix of my mother, Georgia, A.K.A."Dixie"*

The pictures below formed the core of my realization that Ralph Tompkins is my actual birth father. I got some of them from my brother, Mike Mikovsky at aThanksgiving meeting in 2004. Some others came from siblings and cousins of the Tompkins clan as we were trying to sort things out. One picture was identified by Sue (Tomkins sister) by "That;s my daddy!" and then she sent me another photo of Ralph that further convinced us we were sibs. Other photos were provided by cousins as I met them. Everyone was excited to find they had an unknown family member appearing on the scene and helped in every way imaginable to confirm it for me (and themselves, I'm sure )

Chris 1963 JohnsonPix found in mother's attic

RTompkinsRalphT. WWII Chris 'n Suzanne Prom Nite '63

Chris '69 RET Engagement 1946

Ralph, Jack & Ed Tompkins

Below are scanned images of the siblingship test reports






My version of a DNA study

This link is a portal to the DNA chart(s) obtained and constucted over the past 3 or 4 years. It started out trying to compare to Eugene Baker, then I discovered a relatively close match with the Saline family which does have Finnish roots. I still think we may be cousins within the "elusive genealogical time frame" ... but that is the area of intensive research and exploration remaining. The chart on this page will be the hub of those future and present investigations.

SALINE Public Website at FTDNA

Some useful links to DNA Intros

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RFLP* chart
*Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (hope I got that right!)
This chart of RFLP #'s has the values for my 5 sibs and myself for which Beta-Paternity laboratory concluded there was a 99.98% probablility of FULL siblingship for three of us; 98.7% for three others and was 'inconlusive' for the fifth and me (that happens sometimes, even with full sibs). You might note on the Y-STR chart that is shown on "My version of a DNA Study", that my two brothers, DO NOT match me.(they are EM and MM on the chart) We differ on 8 out of the 12 markers in the basic set.